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Supercap was born in 1999 from the intuition of Mirco Bannini, current CEO, who has always been a lover of the wine and spirtis world.

From this reason, the idea of creating a company comes to life. Thanks to the creativity of its research and development department, Supercap produces high quality closures capable of preserving and protecting all the organoleptic properties of each product: distillate spirit, oil, vinegar or wine.

We have always been oriented towards research and experimentation with unconventional materials and solutions.

Supercap - World Spirits Competition
Supercap - MicroLiquor Spirit Awards

Over the years we have been the first to create innovative products, such as wooden head co-injected closures, the authentic micro-granule without glues Supercap NATURE® and ecological cutting-edge products such as Supercap E | C | O®.

Always working closely with our customers, listening to their needs and specific problems, we try every day to create “The Best Closure” for each producer, from small artisan businesses to large and worldwide sector brands.

Unique in our field, we are certified BRC – Global Standard for Packaging & Packaging Materials, among the most advanced and controlled in the world for compliance with hygiene and safety standards.

Since 1999, our goal has always been to protect and enhance your product.

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