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We drink to your success

About the MLSA™ Competition

The MLSA™ Competition is a world spirits competition that started in Beverly Hills, California in 2011. Since then, we have tasted samples from over 100 countries and helped thousands of brands raise their profile with our awards. With more options available to customers than ever, international spirits competitions present an opportunity for independent distilleries to get the recognition they deserve.

Our industry experts assess each entrant thoroughly, taking the time to understand its flavor profile. Once the judging is over, the best entrants are awarded one of our four medallions—Bronze, Silver, Gold, and the trademarked Triple Gold® Medal—which winners can proudly display on their bottles and website to highlight the hard work, dedication, and creativity that goes into making a high-quality spirit. This helps attract consumers, and offers an extra USP (unique selling proposition) in pitches to distributors, on-premise byers and off-premise retailers.

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MLSA™ Competition Medals


MLSA Competition Triple Gold® Medal

Extraordinary taste & highest recommendation


A widely coveted accolade, the Triple Gold® Medal is only given to entries that offer something truly special. Unparalleled taste and quality must align for spirits to receive this award.

MLSA Competition Gold Medal

Exceptional taste & high recommendation


Recipients of the MLSA Competition Gold Medals are judged to be in the upper tier of distilled spirits, providing our judges with a distinctly superior tasting experience.

MLSA Competition Silver Medal

Good taste & recommendation


Silver Medal winners are high-end entries with reliable taste, falling just short of our gold categories.

MLSA Competition Bronze Medal

The MLSA Competition Bronze Medal is given to spirits with solid flavors without distinguishing features. While still a mark of quality, this award demonstrates opportunities to improve and refine.

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