2023 MLSA Competition 

The Best Spirits Deserve The Best Recognition.

MLSA was founded in 2011 in Beverly Hills, California.  MLSA has tasted, reviewed, and judged thousands of distilled spirit brands from over 100 countries. Over the last decade, consumers world wide have started slowly but surely buying more distilled spirits over beer and wine. For this reason, brand building and marketing are becoming ever more important.

In 2022, consumers will have more choices than at any other time in history. Liquor brands have an abundance of ways to connect to consumers; however, in this industry spirits companies must also convince stores, restaurants, distributors, and even governments to purchase their products.


It's easy to create sales. It's quite difficult to build a brand. Every brand proclaims to be the best. Every distillery proclaims to be the best. Liquor stores and distributors probably hear this the most. It doesn't really matter what you say, it's what your customers say. MLSA competition medals, ratings and accolades for taste, as well as for design, are effective in branding and marketing.


2023 MLSA Competition Medals

Triple Gold® Medal
Extraordinary Taste & Highest Recommendation

The Triple Gold® Medal is one of the most coveted awards in the distilled spirits industry. Brands receiving this recognition have extraordinary taste, quality, and integrity.

Gold Medal
Exceptional Taste & High Recommendation
Gold Medal winning products are exceptionally well made spirits. Brands receiving this recognition have excellent taste, quality, and integrity. Exceptional Taste. High Recommendation.
Silver Medal
Excellent Taste & Recommended
Silver Medal winning products are well-made spirits. Brands receiving this recognition have reliable taste, quality, and integrity. Good Quality.  Well-Made. Excellent Taste. Recommended.
Bronze Medal
Bronze Medal winning products are solid with no signs of artifice. These brands have opportunity to improve, refine, and produce a high quality spirit.