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  • How to register for the MLSA™ Competition?
    Step 1. Download and fill out this registration form - MLSA™ Competition Step 2. Email registration form to - or mail to physical address on registration form. Step 3. Send product samples to address on registration form. Following bottles sizes accepted: (750ML - 2 Bottles), (700ML - 2 Bottles), (500ML - 3 Bottles), (375ML - 4 Bottles), (350ML - 4 Bottles), (200ML - 8 Bottles)
  • What is the deadline to ship samples?
    Send us message for more information. Email
  • How can your spirits brand stand out from the crowd?
    Delicious taste? Clever design? An interesting story? All important, but it's quality products that really make a splash with consumers. And, there’s no better way to show you’ve got something special than recognition —a striking good looking medal on your bottle that says, “We’re better than the rest—have a taste. You won’t be disappointed.” We are the MLSA™ Competition, an industry-renowned spirits competition highlighting the best of distilled delights. Enrolling is simple, and once entered, your brands will have a chance of receiving one of the industry's most coveted awards, adding a tangible stamp of excellence to your product.
  • When will the tasting and design judging take place?
    The competition is unique as all judges taste every spirit entered. This process generally takes three months. Tastings are blind. Judging will take place in April, May & June 2023. Submitting company will be notified before results are released. Results are released end of June 2023.
  • How to submit for design/marketing competition?
    Great question! It's included. We do not require additional bottles either. If you would like to submit to only the design/marketing competition then just notate on registration form or shoot us an email:
  • Can we submit for only the design/marketing competition?
    Yes. Please note which submissions are for design/marketing competition only.
  • Does your competition accept “mock up” bottles with fake liquid for design/marketing submissions?
    Yes! Place a label or paper around the bottles/package that are for design/marketing submissions. For more information email us:
  • Where can I view the results of past competitions?
    Here is the page you're looking for:
MLSA Spirits Competition
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